Take a measurement from the back side of one shoulder to the tip of the other side.


Take a measurement of the circumference around the chest fuller area.

Natural Waist

Take a measure of the circumference around the smallest area of the waist.

Lower Waist

Take a measure of the circumference around the lower abdomen area of the waist.


Take a measure through the widest and fullest part of the body, the upper-top side of the legs.

Sleeves Outseam

Take a measure from the top of your shoulder to the side of your wrist, and make your arm straight in a relaxing position.

Pants length

Take a measure from your lower waist point to the ankle bone.

Your Comprehensive Leather Jacket Measurement Guide

A staple item in your wardrobe to make your own personal style statement, a personalized body-fit jacket or leather coat is what you need to showcase a stylish look while staying comfortable. But how to measure leather jacket size?

It is always remarkable to know a handful of body measurements that will help you find your body size to easily find a size that fits your body perfectly.

This comprehensive leather jacket measurement guide explains step-by-step measurements to find the accurate measurement. 

Things You Will Need:

To measure your body fit, you need 

  • Measuring Clothing Tape: A non-stretchable clothing measuring tape
  • Pen & Paper: A pen and paper to note down your body inches
  • An assistant or Friend: A person to help you in measuring your body fit. 

Ensure you wear a single layer fitted T-shirt and plain, normal, snug jeans. Stand straight, do not hold your breath or tuck in your tummy. Stand in a relaxed position to get a perfect body inches.

1. Neck Measurement - How To Measure Neck Size For Jacket?

Put your index finger and middle finger under the tape measure to provide some ease, and wrap it around your neck circumference. You will get your neck measurement.

2. Shoulder Measurement - How To Measure Shoulder Size For Jacket?

Place a clothing measuring tape on top of the shoulders and measure the distance from the left edge of the back-side of your neck to the right edge of the tape.

3. Sleeve Measurement - How To Measure Sleeve Length Size For Jacket?

Place the tape on the upper side of your shoulder till the wrist of your arm. Hold the tape in line to get the desired length.

4. Biceps Measurement - How To Measure Biceps Size For Jacket?

By placing the tape around, measure the widest part of your upper arm. Measure the distance between the two bony points at the top and bottom of your biceps.

5. Chest Measurement - How To Measure Chest Size For Jacket?

Get your chest measurement by placing the tape around your bust or chest’s fuller part, just above your nipples. Leveled the tape accurately around the chest to get the right measurement.

6. Natural Waist Measurement - How To Measure Upper Waist Size For Jacket?

Natural waist circumference by placing the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist upper to the belly button.

7. Lower Waist Measurement - How To Measure Lower Waist Size For Jacket?

Unlike the natural waist, to measure your lower waist, place the tape around the lower abdominal area down to the belly button, and you will get the measurements.

8. Center Back Length Measurement - How To Measure Length Size For Jacket?

Center back length measurement should be taken from the top of the shoulder down the spine to the bottom of the waist or the required length. Ensure you stand in a relaxed position without bending, and you will get your back length measurement.

9. Hips Measurement - How To Measure Hips Size For Jacket?

When wearing jackets that hang over your hips at their widest point, you will also need the correct hip measurement. A circumference measurement around your hips’ fullest part will give you the perfect fit measurement.

10. Wrist Measurement - How To Measure Wrist Size For Jacket Sleeves?

Find your wrist circumference by wrapping the measuring tape around your wrist, the part above the wrist bone. Hold the tape firmly but not too tight, and note down your wrist measurements.

11. Sleeve Inseam Measurement - How To Measure Inseam For Jacket?

If you want to measure your inseam, wear a jacket with the right sleeve length. You want to measure from the inside edge of the armhole down to the sleeve hem to get the jacket’s sleeve inseam.

Final Instructions:

So, now you understand how to measure your body size for a leather jacket or coat. It is very important to take accurate measurements to help you find the right-fitting jacket. As sizing can vary greatly between manufacturers. If the jacket or coat doesn’t fit, it will likely be uncomfortable and won’t look as good as it should. Make sure to measure at least twice to ensure accuracy.

Whenever you look at a sizing chart, be sure to pay attention to the measuring unit. Don’t forget to check the size conversion chart if you’re ordering from another country. 

It is important to get the correct size to ensure the best fit and most comfortable wear. Jackets that are too big can be unflattering and uncomfortable; too-small jackets can be tight and constricting. Ensure you accurately check your body size measurements in both inches and CM before purchasing a jacket.