Can a Tailor Make a Leather Jacket Bigger? Find Out Now!


A leather jacket is a beautiful outfit for daily wear. But, can you get a leather jacket tailored? The answer is Yes. You definitely can. If you have got a leather jacket and it does not fit well. Do not despair at all. The style and structure of a leather jacket is all about customization. 

A tailor can make a leather jacket bigger, but it is a bit of a difficult task. However, there are some key points to keep in mind before approaching the tailor for customization. Let’s understand it in detail in this article. 

You have to be careful and do your research before approaching the tailor. Not every tailor can be that expert to make your leather jacket bigger as per your requirements.

Can a Tailor Make a Leather Jacket Bigger?

Keep in mind that only a well-trained and skilled tailor can. Make sure to select a tailor who already has expertise in managing leather jackets. A professional tailor can give your precious and favorite leather jacket a new life. 

So, in this guide, we are going to give you some tips to make sure whether you are doing it right. Ask your tailor whether he will attach the leather themselves, or you have to buy them instead, just in case. 

A proper and professional discussion can be beneficial before deciding to make a leather jacket bigger. 

The Tailoring Process

Here are some of the steps to consider before approaching a tailor

  • Assessment of the leather 
  • Expansion Areas
  • Adding Material to the Leather Jacket 
  • Adjustments in the Leather Jacket 
  • Finessing the Leather Jacket 

Let’s discuss each one for a better understanding.

Assessment of the Leather

First and foremost, you have to assess the jacket’s material and surface. Keep in mind that leather is a tricky material to handle. So, a skilled and experienced tailor is very important to select. 

Expansion Areas

A tailor will better understand where the jacket needs more room. Typically, they focus on the sides, shoulders, or sleeves to give your leather jacket more space. Other than that, you can simply tell him where you need a room so he can open that area and adjust accordingly.

Adding Material to the Leather Jacket 

To make the leather jacket bigger and more spacious, the tailor adjusts the extra leather and adds strategically. The color and texture should be perfectly matched. Matching exact leather or closely as possible can maintain your jacket’s original look and shape. If you think you can crop a leather jacket, yes, your tailor has to. Because other than that, it is not possible to enlarge the leather jacket.

Adjustments in the Leather Jacket 

When thinking, can a tailor make a leather jacket bigger? You have to consider the adjustments. The leather jacket might need to be re-sewn, or the extra leather might be inserted along the present seams to provide room for expansion. It will not hurt the leather jacket, and you can enjoy the bigger leather jacket without compromising the overall look.

Finessing the Leather Jacket 

Finally, in the end, your tailor will fine-tune the leather jacket and ensure that the alterations look comfortable and of high quality. Give your tailor a proper time to easily and comfortably alter the jacket and make it bigger. He can hide the extra or useless leather as much as he can. This is what a skilled tailor can do!

Things to Consider When Making a Leather Jacket Bigger?


There are a few things to keep in mind on a journey: Can a tailor make a leather jacket bigger? 

  • Leather Type
  • Complexity of the Leather 
  • Tailor’s Expertise
  • Budget and Expectations

Let’s have a look at each one:

Leather Type 

Keep in mind that there are various types of leather, and all respond differently to alterations. The stiffer leather is hard and is more difficult to deal with. At the same time, the supple and soft leather is easier to alter and is more forgiving. Stiffer leather will take more time to get stitched, and soft leather is super easy to manage. 

Complexity of the Leather 

The complexity is something you need to be very patient about. You have to understand that the alterations and amount of adjustments will require time and cost. Never underestimate the tailor because it will make him pressurized. Just let him work his best at what you will see as the final results. You can simply wait for the results. 

Tailor’s Expertise 

An experienced tailor is very crucial to deal with this process. The more you invest in a good and skilled tailor, the more you get the best results. Never hesitate to ask for their portfolio or experience with the alterations you want. Well, this process needs a bit of hassle. The more you search for the best tailor, it will be fruitful. 

Budget and Expectations 

Always be clear about the budget and do not go too far in the expectations. You have to clearly communicate your preferences to the tailor before he starts working on the jacket. Discuss the budget, and if it is pocket-friendly and decent, go ahead. 

Lastly, a tailor can indeed make your leather jacket bigger, but it is highly crucial to approach a very skilled and experienced tailor. Altering a jacket is a very delicate procedure that needs precision and high-level expertise. 

If your leather jacket needs to be altered and a size upgrade, find a trustworthy tailor to whom you can talk freely and straightforwardly. Discuss your heart out and tell him what kind of alterations you want. Now, with the right hands at work you will soon have your favorite leather jacket fitting you like originally.

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