Men Brown Vintage Motorcycle Bomber Leather Jacket

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“Discover rugged charm with our Men’s Brown Vintage Motorcycle Bomber Leather Jacket. Perfect for urban rides or casual outings. Shop now!”

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    • Outer Shell: Real Leather
    • Leather Type: Goatskin
    • Lining: Polyester
    • Closure Style: Zipper
    • Collar Style: Shirt
    • Cuffs Style: Rib Cuff
    • Outside Pockets: Two
    • Inside Pockets: Two
    • Color: Distressed Brown

    7 reviews for Men Brown Vintage Motorcycle Bomber Leather Jacket

    1. (7)

      Archer Nixon

      This jacket looks soooo good. The fit is fire.

    2. (7)

      Owen Walsh

      I was pleasantly surprised how nice this jacket is! Really great customer service as well.

    3. (7)

      Sebastian Donaldson

      Thank you! I love my jacket

    4. (7)

      Hudson Duffy

      Excellent product, delivered quickly.

    5. (7)

      Bailey Middleton

      It’s lightweight but still feels like a quality piece.

    6. (7)

      Dominic Carroll

      Gorgeous jacket, well tailored, soft leather

    7. (7)

      Lewis Bolton

      The jacket is fantastic and very well made. Highly recommended.!

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    1. Clean Gently: Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off dirt and stains. If needed, use a leather cleaner that’s suitable for your jacket’s type.
    2. Condition Regularly: Apply a leather conditioner to keep the leather moisturised and prevent it from becoming dry or brittle.
    3. Store Properly: Hang your leather jacket on a padded hanger to maintain its shape. Store the jacket in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
    4. Air Dry Wet Jackets: If your leather jacket gets wet, let it air dry naturally at room temperature. Avoid using direct heat sources, which can damage the leather.
    5. Use a Soft Brush: Use a soft-bristle brush to remove dust and dirt from seams and creases.
    6. Wear It: Regularly wearing your leather jacket can help prevent stiffness and maintain its suppleness.


    1. Don’t Overexpose to Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the colour and damage the leather fibres.
    2. Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners: Avoid using harsh chemicals, alcohol, or solvents, as they can strip the leather of its natural oils.
    3. Don’t Store in Plastic Bags: Never store your leather jacket in plastic, as it can trap moisture and cause mould growth.
    4. Avoid Extreme Heat: Keep your jacket away from direct heat sources like radiators and fireplaces, as heat can cause leather to dry out and crack.
    5. Don’t Overload Pockets: Avoid putting heavy objects in your jacket pockets, as this can distort its shape over time.
    6. Don’t Ignore Stains: Promptly address stains with a suitable leather cleaner. Ignoring stains can make them harder to remove later.
    7. Avoid Over Conditioning: While conditioning is important, excessive use of leather conditioner can leave a residue and make the leather greasy.
    8. Don’t Ignore Professional Help: If your jacket has stubborn stains, major damage, or needs restoration, consult a professional leather care expert.
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    • It takes 10-14 business days to ship standard-size orders.
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    • You can return items online within 30 days in case of any defect or damage. 
    • We’ll fully refund or exchange standard-size orders.
    • Custom orders can only be returned for alterations

    Hear What our Customers Are Saying

    Grace M. - Melbourne, VIC
    Read More
    Just received my package. I'm in love with my new biker jacket. It is perfect for Australian weather, the material is soft and comfortable to wear. The fit is perfect, and the quality is amazing
    Isabella R. - Hobart, TAS
    Read More
    Exceptional material and quality. I ordered this biker jacket for my husband for his 36th birthday, and he just loves it. The design, fit, and quality are all amazing
    Chloe W. - Newcastle, NSW
    Read More
    As I am a pro biker, I occasionally need to wear tough upper coats/jackets as a safety measure. One of my friends told me about this biker jacket which is made from 100% leather. And YES! This biker jacket is incredibly stylish. Plus, the interior is super comfortable which makes it breathable and durable to go on long routes
    Mila O. - Townsville, QLD
    Read More
    This jacket is very durable, as we've used it through rain and shine in Townsville, and it hasn't lost any of its quality. We've worn it through rain and shine, and it still looks like new
    Ava S. - Canberra, ACT
    Read More
    It is super comfortable for Canberra's chilly nights. I seriously love the quality and their hand-made details which makes the jacket's quality worth it
    Imogen F. - Launceston, TAS
    Read More
    Just love it. The comfy interior and super rough outside layer are what every biker wants on long rides. This one is a serious game changer
    Mason L. - Darwin, NT
    Read More
    I was skeptical about a biker jacket in the Top End, but it's surprisingly breathable. It's my statement piece for nights out, and it even suits Darwin's growing biker culture
    William W. - Newcastle, NSW
    Read More
    My one fits perfectly. It's stylish and I love the pockets they are very spacious
    Elizabeth K. - Sydney, NSW
    Read More
    I admire the fact that a jacket can combine style with warmth, which is why I consider this leather jacket to be a timeless addition to my wardrobe
    Oscar H. - Adelaide, SA
    Read More
    I actually love the quality. It is very much comfortable even when you wear it for too long
    Zoe G. - Wollongong, NSW
    Read More
    My leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces of clothing! It gives my style an edge and keeps me warm in Wollongong's unpredictable weather.
    Eva H. - Geelong, VIC
    Read More
    This biker jacket is a winner! I am amazed at its quality, as I was so concerned about their 100% leather commitment, but they exceeded my expectations. Unique and stylish - that is all I need.
    Harper A. - Broome, WA
    Read More
    I love the color contrast of this leather jacket! They actually designed a fantastic blend of style and comfort


    Finest Quality Raw Materials

    At Urban Leather Jackets, we guarantee to provide the finest quality raw materials and our leather jacket collection is made with 100% leather – full grain natural leather, polyester lining, and YKK Zippers, to meet all your luxury needs in a budget-friendly style. We only produce hand-made designs. Our craftsmen are experts in maintaining the details with precise attention. At Urban Leather Jackets, one craftsman is determined for one piece to maintain the high-quality stitching that will give you years and years. 

    Customized Sizes To Fit All

    Our leather jackets are also customizable to fit any budget. Customers can choose their own size and materials. We guarantee satisfaction and stand by our products. Customers can choose their preferred size from our 8 standard sizes, from XS to 4XL. We understand that every person is different, as per their bodies. At Urban Leather Jackets, we offer a custom-made solution. We pride ourselves on providing the perfect fit for our customers. We guarantee customer satisfaction with all our custom-made leather jackets.

    Fair Pricing - No Extra Cut-Off

    Since we sell our products directly to consumers, our prices are half (1/4) lower than those of luxury brands. We always strive to keep our prices fair and equitable. We don’t add any unnecessary markups or fees, and we don’t have a cut-off limit. We prioritize our customers, and we understand their concerns. Our products will be up-to-mark in terms of quality, design, and craftsmanship. We guarantee that our products are genuine and of the highest quality.